5 Reasons to Buy From a Specialist Menswear Store When Shopping for The Perfect Suit


A special occasion is just that. A special occasion.

It is not the occasion for a guest to be dressed in the same suit as a groom and groomsmen. Or for the males of the bridal party (if it’s a wedding) to spend the day constantly adjusting their outfit and totally uncomfortable thanks to a poor fitting suit selection.

That’s why buying special event menswear from generic menswear shops or department stores is actually not the right thing to do.

It’s one of the biggest style mistakes men make, yet one of the simplest to pre-empt!


So, here’s five reasons why buying from a specialist menswear store is the way to go:

1.     Our expert staff are trained in suggesting ways to dress up or dress down an outfit. Sometimes the simplest of suggestions around hiring accessories is the answer that means the only sinful element of the wedding is the dessert buffet.

2.     Formal Image focuses on stocking quality menswear that is different from the floor stock found in a generic menswear or department store.

3.     Quality is always a kicker for us. The hire selection is tailor made by Formal Image to the highest specification. No more embarrassing ripped pants, stuck zippers, torn lining or holey pockets.

4.     If purchasing off the rack is the option you’re going with, know that Formal Image select suits that are distinctively individual and designed to be worn after a wedding or special event.

5.     We have staff on hand to help you and answer questions, even if you’re just browsing. It’s the total opposite to the department store experience many of our customers seem to have had prior to coming to Formal Image. You know. When you spend ages looking everywhere for a retail assistant only to be told when you finally find someone that ‘I’m not from that department”. Yep. You know it. That just does not happen at Formal Image.


Selecting the right special event menswear isn’t just about the grabbing a suit off a rack. It’s about enjoying the whole process through expert advice and a really good investment of your time. AND making sure that the men involved actually enjoy the process too.

Trust us. We don’t see a whole lot of eye-rolling and checking of phones when guys are here at Formal Image. They’re too involved in what’s going on or taking selfies of themselves all dressed up in smart, well-fitted suits that make them look sharp.

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