6 things your staff need to know about dressing sharp in a business environment

  1. Know what style of suit is suitable for your body shape (ie slim fit, European fit etc)

  2. Know what colour suits are most suitable to represent your companies “brand”

  3. Understand the importance of colour in ties and accessories

  4. The correct trouser and sleeve length

  5.  What to look for in a well-tailored suit

  6. The correlation of your appearance and your salary

Like it or not every company has a “brand”. This brand will often have nothing to do with the product or service you sell – but how you want your customers “feel” about (or perceive) your company.

Think about Richard Branson. Even though he represents several products, Branson is the brand.

Richard understands his brand & carefully fosters this laid back image by the way he dresses, what he says and how he says it. He does not allow anything to interfere with his own brand, down to enforcing a no suit and tie policy with his executives.

Ernest & Young on the other hand, do not want to be perceived as laid back or even fun. The E&Y brand speaks of integrity, solid values and the ability of its people.

What you have little control over is the first impression your customer has of your staff.

Your staff are your front line and their style of dress needs to embody the values that your brand represent. Before they shake hands, a judgement will be made on the correctness of his/her attire.

Unfortunately most men have never had a professional consultant assist in choosing their suit and accessories.

At Formal Image Corporate Division – that is all we do. Our special concern is the young executive who is starting out. We stock known and trusted brands, we come to your office, and offer a generous discount for 10 or more staff in a sitting.

Contact us today on (02) 9635 8108 to secure your appointment.

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