7 Deadly Sins When Holding A Business Meeting

For the success of any meeting, preparation is the key.

All credibility is lost if something goes wrong and the organisers say “ but I assumed……” – assume nothing. Quality preparation will enable you to ensure a smooth business schedule.


1. Check Your Booking

Always make sure that you have correctly booked the room/venue for the date and time of the meeting, and that all required attendees have been invited/can come.

2. Set The Agenda

Make sure you set an agenda and a time frame. Then circulate the agenda prior to your meeting, or hand out a copy of it during the meeting.

3. Invite Comment

Allow attendees to comments and discuss freely. You may have convened the meeting, but a meeting normally means you require approval or discussion to move onto the next step.

4. Facility Check

Ensure that there are all the necessary facilities available – white board, pens, paper, water and the meeting is scheduled to run over 1 hour, make sure you enlist adequate catering.

5. Technology

Check that the audio/video equipment works and is queued beforehand, if needed.

6. Assign a Timekeeper

if you suspect the meeting may get heated, or get off course of the agenda, invite a cool headed assistant to mediate the meeting. His/her job is not to get involved, but to move the meeting on from one item to the next, and if necessary give the nod to close the meeting and regroup, or reschedule, a second meeting if there is not enough time.

7. Thank Attendees

Not remembering to thank everyone for their participation. They too are busy, if they do not feel that their input has been appreciated they may avoid future involvement.


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