7 Most Basic Etiquette Tips When In A Business Meeting

1. Always turn off you phone when in a meeting. If you are expecting an urgent call mention this beforehand. If the call comes in, do not apologise profusely merely leave the room, deal with it and quietly slip back into the room.


2. If you are holding the meeting – have an agenda and as much as possible stick to it. Ensure everyone present is aware of the agenda items and the time frame.


3. It may sound simple but ensure that everyone knows each other and what their role is both professionally and in the meeting


4. If you are holding the meeting – ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak


5. Wait for the other person to stop speaking before asking questions or interjecting.


6. If you do not understand something ask for clarification or alternatively something along the lines “am I understanding this correctly …………………..”


7. Be aware of your body language. Do not stare into space, cross your arms and lean back in your chair or jiggle your legs. Be attentive, lean forward and keep an open posture

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