7 Rules On Wearing A Suit Correctly

Whether you spend $200 or $2000 on your suit – the rules are the same when it comes to wearing your suit correctly.

1. Belt

Your belt should match your suit and must be leather – not woven or made of fabric material.

2. Shoes

Your shoes should match your belt

3. Shirt

A long sleeved shirt is always worn with a suit – no short sleeves, ever.

4. Jacket

Your jacket should be done up when being introduced and undone when seated

5. Suit Buttons

When wearing a two button jacket leave the bottom button undone, with a 3 button jacket the top button is optional, the second is mandatory, the last is left undone.

6. Tailor

Rarely will a suit fit you perfectly, especially in the length of sleeves and trousers, have them altered professionally

7. Length

To judge the correct length of a trouser – stand tall, without shoes and the trouser cuff

should be 2cm off the floor.

It is the little things that make a huge difference.

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