7 Top Rules On Looking Sharp In A Suit

It is often the little things that make a huge difference. It may be as simple as the amount of shirt cuff showing at the end of a sleeve, so take into account the 7 rules on looking sharp in a suit.

1. When wearing cufflinks make sure all your jewellery matches – including watch and belt buckle

2. Always wear a leather belt with a suit – never canvas or fabric

3. Your shoes should match your belt colour – not your trouser colour

4. Learn to tie your neckwear at least two ways. One should be a Windsor or Half Windsor and maybe a smaller oriental knot

5. A skinny tie should not be worn with a wide lapel jacket. Or a fat tie with a slim lapel jacket

6. If wearing a pocket hanky, it should tone with your tie but not be matching

7. Never use your shirt pocket for pens or phone, it should be left empty. The inside left of your suit jacket is for pens and possibly a slim line phone

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