8 simple tips when choosing mens formal wear for any occasion

Here are some hints and tips when it comes to choosing mens formal wear:

  • Black is considered the most formal of colours for suits and is most commonly worn for late afternoon or evening receptions.
  • Ensure that the colour palette is consistent throughout the wedding party, eg light charcoal suits can work well with pastel colours, deeper charcoal can contrast well with a deeper colours like magenta or red. Also consider shades of blue and navy.
  • It is acceptable for the groom to wear a different colour/cut from the groomsmen but ensure that the groomsmen are all identical.
  • Do not overlook the impact of shoes and belts, ensure they are all matching and clean. At the very minimum the same colour and style.
  • Remember if the bride is wearing ivory – all the guys need to wear ivory shirts. A subtle difference, but it will be obvious in the photos if they wear white against an ivory gown.
  • If buying suits, ensure they take the time to have them altered well before the wedding date.
  • If they are hiring ensure they all attend the final fitting.
  • The button hole flower is not worn in the button hole of a jacket but carefully pinned to the lapel from the back
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