Purchasing your first suit for a school formal

With School formals fast approaching, a lot of you may be about to purchase a suit for the first time. And at Formal Image, we believe that your first suit purchase is a very significant event.

It is important that you shop at a store that employs people to help guide and educate you in how to find the right suit for your physique  – not just sell you any suit off the rack.

Large department stores in particular are renowned for lack of customer service. and often employ casual and untrained staff, who just want to make a sale.

The qualities that you would look for in a suit which you would wear to your school formal is completely different from a suit you would wear to an interview, but there are a few ways that you can reuse the same suit and still look sharp.

Here are some hints in selecting the right suit, first time.

If you are going to buy just the one suit – it has to be as versatile as possible so that it can be worn on a variety of occasions. For this reason we suggest a deep grey or charcoal in a wool blend. The advantage of this colour is that you will look formal enough for most functions, and the cloth is suitable for both winter and summer events. No only that, but this style of suit can be teamed with a large range of different coloured shirts and ties.

Current trends see the jacket length to be quite short, whereas a classic suit jacket should cover the buttocks. The current shorter length will be outdated by next season and be unwearable, so to ensure that you will get a few seasons out of your jacket choose something in between these lengths.

If you can only justify one suit in your wardrobe, you can still make a statement by mixing and matching your shirts and ties. With just 3 shirts and 2 ties you have a wardrobe of 6 outfits. The most versatile use of shirts would be – 1 white, one plain blue and perhaps one with subtle blue stripes. Add to these two ties that match all three shirts to complete a weeks worth of wardrobe.

Feel free to gain more tips and tricks by looking over our other blog posts, or visit us in store at Formal Image – 44 Macquarie Street, Parramatta.

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