This twin pleat classic features an ezi-fit waist band and our signature polyester square weave.

Ideal for white or blue collar guys.
– Available in Black, Grey, Navy and Taupe

  1. very classic,it looks good but nhonitg for me ;)ok when you don t unterstand a world you can ask me!really? i think you are a very nice person and have a lot of fun! i like you smiling 🙂 but what does “embaressed” mean? i don t can translate it on leo.orgyes a kind of nurse. i have to make an practical training there because we have to do work in places like hopsital for our experience in social work.oh thats really bad that you can t buy h&m stuff in you hometown! but anyway your style is great!wow you travelled to mailand? thats great, its a little dream from me to get some fashion stuff there.i don t know if i ask you this anyway but where do you come from?oh you don t have to be sorry! long comments are my favorite!be happy too and have a lot of things to laugh about sunshine!:D

  2. HI Donna, I’ve never been to a wake where the traditional Irish music is plyaed but it probably still happens in the West and also might happen this side if people stay for the night to keep the corpse company and there are musical people in the family..There is definitely a sense of pride and respect in giving an elderly person a good send off.There is an old graveyard near here which was used many years ago and it was recently opened for an old man to be buried there. The photos in the paper were in black and white and looked like they were from a hundred years ago as they had to use a pony and trap to transport the coffin to it. I’d say it would be impossible here to get permission to be buried on one’s farm, one would have to be cremated and have ashes scattered.It sounds as though people are buried quite quickly in the US too, I had presumed it would be like the UK where it can take 7-10 days for the funeral to happen.

  3. Oct01Carol I just realized that marstes was a pseudonym for old , which means me since I turn 53 in Dec.I enjoyed the video. I agree with you. I think people my age are more resilient then we give ourselves credit for.I train virtually everyday and frequently twice a day, and have had no problem every since I started weightlifting 20 months ago.My normal workout is 6-8 sets of either snatches or cleans at 85% -95% of my 1 rep max (the max I ever hit once) with 5 pullups and 5 pushups (hands at waist) in between each set. Twice a week I do heavy traditional weightlifting. Few months back I did a modified version of your squat nemesis and got my squat up from 115 to 150 (I weigh 125). I squated every day doing 4 waves of 3, 2, 1 where 1 was my 1RM. I pushed it, trying to jump my 1RM by 5# every day.. Frequently, I’d dump the bar, but every few days I would set a new max. I do everything this way, always pushing the envelope. I don’t know if it is because of my young training age or if it is my willingness to push to failure, but I have made amazing gains following your training philosophy.Carol

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