The Top Ten Style Mistakes Men Make

Don’t you love the feeling you get when your outfit just works? Your confidence rockets, you feel good in your own skin, and you could take on the world.  Well, did you know that when you have your style sorted you increase your chances of…

  • Acing that job interview
  • Killing it with the work promotion
  • Closing that sale
  • Meeting influential people
  • That beautiful woman saying yes to your offer of dinner

Sounds good, doesn’t it!

So how do you make sure you are always feeling this way?

You need to ensure you keep the style mistakes to a minimum.

Now, as men, there is the chance you will tend to make a few mistakes when it comes to style. We know. We’ve seen them. We’ve even committed those style sins ourselves before we knew better.

We have put together a list of the ten common style mistakes men make – so that you know not to make them..

1. Wearing clothes that don’t fit.

If it’s baggy or super tight, not only does it look strange to the people you pass in the street, but your outfit can end up feeling uncomfortable too.

2. Overdoing the patterns.

It is with special talent that one can pull off checks with stripes, or spots with florals. So unless you are cast on the set of Mad Men, keep it to one pattern.

Style mistakes

3. Mismatched colours.

Some colour palettes only look good in a football jersey, when playing the game. When off the field, minimise the amount of different colours you add to your outfit. And remember – not all colours look good together.

4. Not wearing clothes that suit your body type.

Men come in all shapes and sizes. It is not a one size fits all sort of world. Try items on to make sure your purchase is the right size. Not all clothing brands make their products with the same measurements.

5. Buying lots of cheap clothes.

To look good, you sometimes need to pay the price. Buying items that will get more wear from a quality store means that you won’t have to replace it any time soon. If your wardrobe is full of one hit wonders you won’t be doing yourself any justice. Don’t be a scrooge and fork out some cash for a decent outfit.

6. Failing to pay attention to the details.

It is the whole look people take in when they see you. You may be wearing a fantastically fitting suit but if your tie is stained, your belt doesn’t match and your shoes are filthy say goodbye to that great first impression.  The more effort you put in, the more you will be rewarded.

7. Getting the dress code wrong.

Failing to dress for a certain occasion will not only make you stick out look a sore thumb, it can look a little arrogant too.

men overdressed

8. Thinking style is only for other types of people.

Wake up – it is the year 2015. The year of the stylish male whose dress sense and smartly fitted suits can take him to wherever he wants to go.

9. Imitating someone else’s style

By all means if you like something someone else is wearing, use it as style inspiration for your next event. Don’t be a doppelganger. Individualism and confidence is loads more sexy than just pure plagiarism.

10. Don’t become a walking advertisement

There is nothing wrong with loving a certain label, but don’t label drop before you are even asked. Discretion is the key. Don’t advertise where you got your outfit if nobody asks. Don’t be that guy.

So there you have it.

If you would like some more style advice, or if you have any other questions about your own personal style.

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