Things to remember when briefing your wedding photographer

Here are some things to remember when briefing your photographer

  • This is a great opportunity to get a family photo along with some more intimate photos with mum, dad and immediate family
  • A lot of photographers will want to meet you at about the same time of day a week or so prior to the wedding to review lighting. If he/she suggests it – go for it.
  • For the outdoor photography, your photographer will be working to a deadline as the light can change rapidly – try to work with him/her to get the best shots
  • Make a list of “must have” shots eg speeches, first dance, cake cutting and ensure he has the list well ahead of time.
  • Sometimes the best shots are the candid ones – make sure you leave him time to just mingle
  • Do not forget to provide a meal for him/her if your package is 4 hours or over
  • Be quite clear on the feel you want your photos to have. Show him photos that you like – some brides want a formal structured look, others prefer an informal casual feel.
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