Top 3 rules for layers this winter

With the weather cooling down we often get asked about how to dress warmly but still look sharp, particularly for men in business attire.

Here are our top 3 rules when it comes to layering:

1. A jumper or sweater should never be worn with a suit.

As a suit is cut to fit the body without any bulk, these items should not be worn under your suit jacket. If you do feel the cold in your suit, then wear a vest or waistcoat to keep you warm. A sleeveless jumper is a sleeveless jumper – and not a vest. Vests can be matching or contrasting with the suit fabric.

If you wear a suit that is well fitted to your body, you should be able to slide your hand inside when the buttons are done up without any stress to the fit of the jacket. But, if you can bunch your fist – your jacket is too big (and doesn’t mean that you can fit bulky jumpers underneath).

It is acceptable, however, to wear a sweater with a sports jacket, as a sports jacket is considered casual attire. 


2. It is acceptable to wear a scarf

Yes that’s right, a scarf with your suit – with or without a coat. It is surprising how much warmth this simple but fashionable accessory can provide. 

3. Suit colours this winter is charcoal and dark blue.

Teamed with ties in forest green and deep maroons. Put your light coloured suits away until spring boys. 

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