Wedding Etiquette: What to include on your wedding invitations

Content on your invitations are tricky to construct if you don’t know what to include. Traditionally, it depends on who is paying for the bulk of the wedding as to how you structure the wording.

Invitations should be sent no later than six weeks before the wedding date with the RSVP date two weeks before the wedding. Enclosing stamped self-addressed envelope is a good way to encourage prompt replies.

Match all the stationery – invitations, rsvp cards, name places, thank you cards and order of service programs, even menus. It creates a consistent and high quality look when the same theme is running through everything.

Make sure you address invitations using the full name of your guests. Don’t use nicknames or shortened names.

For example: Mr George and Mrs Anita Smith

If the Smith’s children are invited, they should be listed by their first name on the invitation. Don’t say ‘and family’. Their idea of their family may be different to yours!

If children are not invited, discuss it directly with your guests. Don’t include it in the invitation. Explain your reasons why when you have a chat with them. It may be a safety concern or the bride and groom may just want their grown-up guests with children to relax and enjoy themselves without having to worry about what the kids are up to.

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We have also put together a brief overview of what should be included on the invitations.

If you are trending towards a traditional wedding where the bride’s family is paying for the bulk of the wedding, invitations would be from them.

Brides Parents
Request the pleasure of the company of
Guest’s name
At the marriage of their daughter
Bride’s name
Grooms name
At name of venue
Address of venue
On (date)
At (time)
And afterwards at
Name of Venue
Address of venue
At (time)
Dress code

We would be honoured if you could share the celebration with us.

If the groom’s parents are also paying for part of the wedding, it is appropriate to include them on the invite too.

Brides Parents
Along with
Grooms Parents
Request the pleasure of the company of
Guest’s name
At the marriage of their children Brides Name with Grooms name

 Or if the bride and groom are hosting their own wedding they can choose to word the invite differently.

Brides name and grooms name
Request the pleasure of the company
Guest’s name
In the celebration of their marriage

Remember to include any extra information regarding organised transport, accommodation (for destination weddings), or gifts registry on a separate note to be included in the final packaging.

Not sure who pays for what? You can read more on our Wedding Budget Etiquette blog.

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