Why Wearing The Right Suit Means Success

We found a great survey about men wearing suits recently that explains a lot about how suits can make a man feel. Have a look at some of these statistics:

  • 92% of men believe that when a man wears a suit, he makes a good first impression in professional situations such as job interviews or client meetings;
  • 7 out of 10 men feel more confident when they wear suits;
  • 6 out of 10 men feel more attractive when they wear a suit;
  • 62% of men feel more successful when they look smart and slick in a suit

We absolutely agreed with all of these but then shook our heads sadly when we read these stats:

  • 68% of men don’t wear all their suits
  • The average age of the oldest suit they had hanging in their closet was 9 years old

(source: Men’s Wearhouse USA Customer Survey 2013)

So when we read that 80% of men are wearing the wrong suit size, we’re not that surprised. Your body shape can change quite a lot in 9 years!

Thankfully, at Formal Image we have just launched our Corporate styling service, and we have to say that whenever we fit a client, the response is always about how good it feels to have a suit that finally fits properly.

Our main aim is to fit out employees of organisations that wear business suits on a regular basis. They may be a group of detectives or on-the-road sales team who may not all have to wear the same suit, and have the same look – but need a suit that is well-fitted, of good quality and versatile.

At Formal Image Corporate, we also work with businesses such as real estate agencies who have everyone in the same suit or shirt. Our team can organise to have logos applied to suits and shirts and make sure their branding is consistent.

There are some beautiful suits available as part of our corporate service, including the well known brands – Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, Pierre Cardin just to name a few. Our trained stylist comes along to the appointment and measures out the team, bringing along a range of suits & shirts to allow your staff to choose what works best for them.

Do you have more than 10 staff to fit out in outfits?

Well, we also have a great 20% discount for bookings of 10 or more staff. Our professional styling consultant spends time with the team for free, sprucing them up so they look slick, smart, professional and the stylist can also travel interstate – style knows no boundaries!

Here are some examples of some styles we offer as part of the corporate service. It really will add a sleeker, professional element to your business.


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